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What Other Web Hosts Won't Tell You


You have seen it before; web hosts advertising 350GB disk space, 1000GB bandwidth and other outrageous claims that seem like a dream come true. Well let me tell you the truth; web hosts use such tactics to hypnotize you into using their service as opposed to their competitors. As soon as you even try to reach the limits they will suspend your account without even sending you an email first.

Most web hosts will shut your websites just for using 0.3% of the server's CPU; that means that all the huge amount of data stored at their servers cannot be accessed by you or by your clients without going into war with the web host. They will tell you that you will get 300 or 200GB of disk space but when one of your MySQL databases reaches a few hundred MBs they will simply ban you and destroy your emerging business.

Cleanly put; there is no way you could get the 350GB because you will simply be the only one using the server and its resources, and that is not the case since shared type hosting has at least 20-40 (some even hundreds) users per server including you, it' simple math.

Its's all fun and games until you lose all your stored data, so thing twice about trusting one of those hosts.

So how to spot fraudulent web hosts?

Well if the offer seems too good to be true then most probably it is. Offers that include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and are only a few bucks a Year are definitely a scam.

Another way to spot a scam is to visits the web host's official website and you will notice that the packages and prices listed for shared type hosting are totally different (Lower space $ bandwidth) than the ones listed for reseller type hosting. Why is this?
This is because web hosts know that if you purchase reseller type hosting you will end up using the complete space and bandwidth; so they advertise lower specifications. But as for shared type hosting were multiple users share a server; they exaggerate space and bandwidth because they know that most user wont use a fraction of it and when they do try to use it they ban them.

Don't listen to those claims and stick with a web host that stands out from the crowd and delivers a consistent and quality service.

We at Host Prana are committed to delivering the best and most reliable web hosting experience out there. So you could keep at peace that what you order today is what you will end up getting tomorrow.

What about those super low priced domain registrars?

Web hosts that advertise low domain registration fees tend to do so by requiring you to a 3 year or so contract. Read the fine print that states that the domain renewal fee will go back to its original price after the first year, and thats usually around $19.95.